Posted by: charleenesfitness | February 10, 2016

Raise your toxin awareness

By Charleene O’Connor


Processed foods, air pollution, pesticides, refined sugar, minerals like mercury, crude oil products, disinfectants, sprays, petrochemicals—our surroundings and yes, our food and water are often filled with toxins. There are so many changes going on with our environment that the natural defense systems that humans, animals and plants possess have yet to evolve to effectively protect us.


Toxins are poisons, basically, and they occur on two levels, external (Exogenous) and internal (Endogenous). Unless your health is severely compromised, your body is well equipped to eliminate the endogenous, or internal, toxins from your system. Over time, however, if you eat a lot of refined foods, have poor eating habits (like not chewing enough), or retain a lot of stress, these factors can lead to an overload of bacteria in your digestive system.


At Nimble Fitness, we know that a strong body usually equals a strong immune system. The body is designed to detoxify itself. However, when external or exogenous, sources of toxicity are added to the mix, your normal detox functions can become overwhelmed. An overwhelmed immune system will have some strange—and very unhealthy—reactions to external toxins. And when our bodies cannot keep up with the toxin load, we’ll produce fat cells to hide these harmful toxins away! Dr. Theron Randolph, writes that “many toxic chemicals are fat-soluble and are stored in body fat, capable of remaining in the body for years, and as a result, chemical exposures can have a cumulative effect.”


To keep healthy, you should limit your environmental toxins as much as possible and follow these simple rules: 1) Get regular exercise, 2) Stay hydrated, 3) Eat fiber, fruits and vegetables, 4) Reduce stress. People who frequently work up a sweat through exercise, for example, can have amazing looking skin; the impurities and toxins are constantly being released from the body via their skin and breath.


Speaking of the skin, it’s the largest organ in your body—so it plays a key role in the absorption and elimination of toxins. Don’t you think we need to be very careful in what we are putting on it? If you can’t ingest it, you probably should not put it on your body!!! Your skin literally absorbs whatever you put on it. People that only eat organic foods will frequently not think twice about putting highly toxic materials on their skin. It is time to rethink that sweet-smelling lotion you use or that pretty, glossy make-up. Raise your awareness to the toxins around you, and see if you can make strides in eliminating your exogenous toxins. It’s a big part of your health picture!


If you have further questions about improving your health, skin condition, or eliminating toxins from your lifestyle, please contact me at If you’re interested in organic, non-toxic skin products, please check out the Truth products–non-toxic-products.html

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