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The Truth about Sunblock

The Truth about Sunblock


More than two million Americans are diagnosed with skin cancer every year. In the 1990’s four different studies indicated that a higher risk of malignant melanoma were with those who used the most sunscreen! Sunscreen is often toxic. I am certainly not telling you to not wear sunscreen! I have designed a Non Toxic Skin and home care product line called Truth. I continue to study Aromatherapy and have made safe and effective products that have no toxins.

The EWG Environmental Working Group published in 2014 a review of over 2000 sunscreens. They found over 75% of sunscreens contained toxic chemicals that can increase your risk of cancer and other health issues.

According to research with EWG some sunscreen ingredients absorb into the blood, have toxic effects, release skin damaging free radicals in sunlight, act like estrogen/disrupt hormones, and can cause allergic reactions and skin irritation.

The FDA has not established rigorous safety standards for sunscreen ingredients.


A recent study published in Environmental Science Technology has also shown the common sunscreen ingredients oxybenzone, methoxycinnamate, and PABA are estrogenic chemicals linked to cancer.


Here is a list of some of the unsafe toxic chemicals often found in sunscreen:

Para amino benzoic acid

Oxtyl salicyclate






Menthy anthranilate





Most of the active chemical ingredients in sunscreen contain potent endocrine disruptors, which can be linked to accelerated skin again.

Many of them also use omega-6 rich oils such as soy and sunflower/safflower, which may disturb the health balance of fats most likely to resist oxidation.


Respect the sun, but you should not be afraid of it. I don’t recommend you burning or getting too much sun, but we need the sun. It is the best source of D3. If you have any sunblock on you don’t get any D3. D3 helps boost the immune system, help fight cancer and improve mood. The skin around your eyes and face is much thinner and will not add much to D production so you might as well keep it covered in the sun with a cap or safe sunblock.


The Truth brand sunscreen I use a variety of ingredients based on a clients individual needs such as Organic Almont Oil SPF 5 Organic Coconut oil SPF 2-8, Organic Avocado oil SPF 4-15, Organic Olive Oil SPF 2-8, non nano zinc, Carrot Seed oil SPF 38-40, Organic Jojoba Oil SPF 4 Organic, Shea Butter, SPF 3-6, Wheatgerm oil SPF 20, and essential oils of my choosing designed specifically for you.


Another thing you need to be aware of is SPF 100 blocks 99 percent of UVB rays, SPF 50 blocks 98 percent, SPF 30 blocks 96.7 percent, and SPF 15 blocks 93 percent.


If you cannot get sun the best foods and supplements to protect your skin is a diet high in anti- oxidants:

Resveratrol (red wine, blueberries, and red grapes)

Omega 3 fatty acids (salmon and fish oils)

Catechins (great and white tea)

Vitamin E (pumpkin seeds, almonds, and asparagus)

Beta Carotene (carrots and red bell peppers)


Some of the brands with the most oxybenzone are:



Bahama Bo’s






I have worked in the Golf Fitness world for ten years and I see client after client from the PGA tour to your average Country Club Golfers come to me with patches on their face, ear, arm, leg due to skin cancer being removed. Last year I got skin cancer on my leg and it is my mission to inform others and hopefully prevent cancer as much as possible.


For more information on Truth products contact me:

Charleene O’Connor 646-284-0858 or check out–non-toxic-products.html





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