Posted by: charleenesfitness | December 1, 2017

Living with Intent

Living with intent

I read this amazing book by Malika Chopra called Living with Intent. I wanted to share some of the amazing things that really stayed with me.
Intents are expressions of who we aspire to be as individuals- physically, emotionally, and spiritually. They come from the soul, from somewhere deep inside us where we get clarity on our heartfelt desires for happiness, acceptance, health, and love. By thinking about our intents, cultivating and expressing them, we create the climate in which they’re more likely to happen. Intents also need to be nurtured, time to come to fruition. The right time in our lives we need to take action and make an effort to encourage and foster their fulfillment.
What do I want? is the wrong questions, a better questions may be, What can I give?

When you think of the word Intent this of the words incubate, notice, trust, express, nurture, and take action

Incubate- meditate and tap into your deepest intensions; see where this leads you

Notice- become mindful of your thoughts and actions and pay attentions to what they tell you about what gives you meaning and a sense of purpose and look for signs that can point you toward your true path.

Trust- Have confidence in your inner guide, in the messages the universe sends you, and allow that knowledge to guide you forward.

Express- Write down your intensions, say them out loud or share them with others to fully embrace them and help you move ahead in your journey.

Nurture- be gentle with yourself. Intention isn’t always a straight ward path, just as life isn’t. Giving yourself opportunities to try and fail. This is part of, crucial to, the process.

Take action- Once you’ve identified an intent(s), don’t sit and wait for it to magically manifest; instead take the practical steps that can make each become a reality. It may be easiest to choose one intent first, and set short-term goals to help you get started.

To tap into your intents, you need to know yourself; meditation helps reveal your thought processes, your fears, your insecurities, your strengths, and your passions. Once you are aware of those aspects of yourself, you are better able to identify the thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back and hone in on the activities, people, and practices that lift you up. In other words, you are ready and more able to live with intent

Before anyone can even think about their intentions and what they want out of life, they need to discover what it means to be present. Eckart Tolle

Charleene O’Connor

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