Posted by: charleenesfitness | December 6, 2017

Make your life better

Can you commit to a minute a day to make your life better????

Meditation is so needed by everyone to make life better. Maybe this technique to start making some changes will work for you.
Neti technique is a mental technique to help control the wandering of your restless mind. It is a very easy technique.
Sit quietly for one or two minutes, in a meditative position, or any position that is comfortable. Turn your attention inward to your mind and its thoughts.
Every time a thought pops up from your past ,present ,or future say, ” Neti Neti Neti”
which means, I am not that thought, I am not that thought, I am not that thought.
This process goes on until the mind begins to quiet the “thought process” and then can produce ‘meditative processes.”
You are the creator of your mind processes. The brain perceives ideas that you feed into it for processing. Your ideas exist merely as tools to serve your higher Self. Your ideas are your creation , and you have the control to change , shape, improve, or transcend.
This is how the ego can control you, as this is the challenge for most. Your emotions grow long tentacles that reach our for ideas that fit your emotional predisposition, and these ideas then begin to control your mental life!!!!!!
When you become emotionally attached to ideas, you begin to sink into a turmoil of ignorance.
Another purpose of Neti Neti Neti is to break free from your thoughts so you can view ideas for what they are, objective tools.
Neti neti neti simply, gently, and repeatedly break the network of useless thoughts that clog up your mind.
Break the uncontrolled emotion/thought cycle.
Optimally, practice Neti Neti Neti once a day at first, then gradually increase your practice to four regular brief sessions. You will attain detachment from your emotional thought patterns- you created. You will weaken your ego’s attachment to thoughts, thereby freeing your mind for truly important progressive thinking and learning. You will find freedom from the old, outdated emotions and thoughts. Your thinking will take on a new clarity, a new freedom, and you well actually experience the realization that you are the creator of your inner world and you life!!

Worth a minute a day isn’t it?

I am blessed to have learned this through my teacher Goswami Kriyananda

Charleene O’Connor

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