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Why learn how to Meditate?

Why learn how to Meditate?

In meditation we are trying to get the mind to work effortlessly.

Meditation is:

a realization of who and what we are. You are whatever you put your mind to, you are the creative principle.

a way of realizing what that unconscious thought is, and to change it, if it is negative.

effortless control of the mind; it is the opposite on concentration, which is an energized effort of the mind.

a centering of mind and body

freedom from the limitations of your past or apprehensions of your future

the art and science of getting rid of things (anger, jealousy, negative emotions that makes life unacceptable, what makes life fearful, painful)

to remember

to improve your life and improve those life around you

a way of seeing and learning without effort. As we allow the world to be itself, allowing others to do their thing, emotionally we allow ourselves to be ourselves, and to be free.

full attention without tension

A balanced state of awareness

the best way to solve the problem of limitation caused by the personality

not something that you HAVE to do. It is an intricate part of your life
Your everyday life is the base of your mediative practice. What you do, think, say, actions.

life, return to your life, joy, truth, not in the past, not in the future, here and now

a way of applying a state of consciousness to a problem, in timelessness, and when that transpires the problem is solved for all time
Meditation brings you back to the depths of yourself, away from your surface mind and into your inner mind.

Greater awareness of yourself and the world around you manifest.
Meditation causes nano seconds of mini bliss, then we see, we are mature, unselfish, wise. We learn we have been there for years and wasn’t wise enough to know it.

Things happened because of what you did, meaning where you are mentally. patterns

Find a goal, dream, idea, and lock to it. Then find a meditation that works for you.

Mediate until the confusion is gone and you see your life.

It isn’t what comes into our life, but from meditation to wisely respond. Our reaction to what happens is most important.

As you meditate you will become more loving, kind, and less judgmental
The key to meditation is to transcend that every day “computer”of logic and emotions by bringing them together, by merging them, by neutralizing one against the other.

Certain goals that you reach can come only through meditation, which necessitates the effortless control of the mind.

Lets find which technique works best for you? Book your one on one meditation session with me today.

Charleene O’Connor

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